My Story

 I have always loved for my home to smell fabulous!  Candles, room sprays and plug in air freshners!  The time of year influences the scents I am attracted to.  In the spring and summer I love fresh clean scents and fruity scents and in the fall and winter I enjoy the deeper, warmer scents and the scents that remind me of baking!  I was first introduced to Scentsy more than 5 years ago. I fell in Love with the bars after melting my first sample! I was so impressed at how well the warmers would scent a room!  I realized immediately that I would have a passion for Scentsy! At that point I was looking something for me!  A way to get out and do something other than just work and home!  I guess you could say I had become an introverted, extrovert.  I love being around people laughing and having fun but our after our last move I was having a harder time getting out and making friends and was becoming accepting of that.  I thought Scentsy would help to push me out of my bubble. I became a Consultant in March of 2012. Since then, I have shared Scentsy with many people, made so many new friends in my customers and my Scentsy family and have grown a team of women who also share my passion for sharing Scentsy with others. I am so grateful to be a part of Scentsy. I LOVE my job so much! From the parties, to helping my team members it is so fulfilling and makes me so happy! This business has truly been a blessing in my life! Scentsy is an incredible product that I am so thrilled to be sharing!